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Бренд: Matrix Шифра: 34997
PSU 700W Matrix 20+4pin power connector for ATX/BTX motherboards 2x Molex power connector 4P power connector 2x Sata power connector 8cm Fan power connector Power cable..
Бренд: MS Шифра: 1000563
Snaga [V]500 WPFCaktivni PFC Ladewe12 24-pinski konektor1 ATX12V1 SATA2 Flopi1 PCIe0 Molex2 Form FactorATX 20-pinski konektor100 DIMENZIJE Duljina (mm)170 DIMENZIJE Širina (mm)200 Vrsta kablovaFiksni MTBF0 ..
Бренд: MS Шифра: 1002457
Snaga [V]500 WPFCpasivni PFC Ladewe0 24-pinski konektor0 ATX12V0 SATA3 Flopi1 PCIe1 Molex2 Form FactorATX 20-pinski konektor0 DIMENZIJE Duljina (mm)0 DIMENZIJE Širina (mm)0 MTBF0 ..
Бренд: MS Шифра: 1001544
Snaga [V]570 WPFCaktivni PFC Ladewe0 24-pinski konektor1 ATX12V0 SATA2 Flopi1 PCIe0 Molex2 Form FactorATX 20-pinski konektor0 DIMENZIJE Širina (mm)0 ..
Бренд: Matrix Шифра: 41341
Micro PSU 400W Matrix Rating power: 230W Peak Power: 400W M/B connector: 20+4pin power connector for ATX/BTX motherboards CPU connector: 4P power connector HDD/FAN/ODD connectors: SATA x2 IDE (Molex): x2 FDD: x1 Power supply size: 120*100*62mm Fan: 8CM Fan 1.2M power cord..
Бренд: MS Шифра: 1186849
NapajanjeSnaga [V]385 WPFCpasivni PFC Ladewe12 24-pinski konektor1 ATX12V1 SATA2 Flopi1 PCIe1 Molex2 AC Input240 Form FactorATX Efikasnost80 Plus 20-pinski konektor14 DIMENZIJE Duljina (mm)8.6 DIMENZIJE Širina (mm)15 Certifik..
Бренд: Matrix Шифра: 35503
800W Matrix 20+4 pin power connector for ATX/BTX motherboards 2xSATA power connector 2x Molex power connector 4P+4P power connector 6P+2P power connector 12cm Fan Power cable included..
Бренд: MS Шифра: 1187122
Snaga [V]500 WPFCpasivni PFC Ladewe120 24-pinski konektor1 ATX12V1 SATA4 Flopi1 PCIe1 Molex2 AC Input240 Form FactorATX 20-pinski konektor1 DIMENZIJE Duljina (mm)0 DIMENZIJE Širina (mm)0 MTBF0 Гаранција: 12 месеци..
Бренд: SBOX Шифра: 599872100
PC POWER SUPPLY SBOX PSU-400POWER: 400 WAC input: 230V, 4A, 50-60 HzColor: BlackIntegrated cablesCable lenght: 50-55cmFAN: 12cmDimensions: 14,95 x 8,5 x 14cmPlugs: 24 x 1 (MBO), 4//8 x 1 (CPU), SATA x 4 (HDD/SSD), MOLEX x 2 (FAN), PCI-E 6/8 x 1 (GPU)Output: YELLOW (+12V1 / 13A), YELLOW (+12V1 / 14A)..
Бренд: Gembird Шифра: 599867505
Power supply unit, 400W ATX/BTX, active PFC, 12 cm fan, "BlackBoxPower" series, 80+BronzeSpecifications12 cm cooling fanActive PFCTemperature control card for low-noise performanceEnergy efficiency 80 PLUS Bronze: 82%, 85%, 82% at 20%, 50%, 100% loadConnectors:4 pcs x SATA, 20+4 pin, 2 pcs x Molex, ..
Бренд: Gembird Шифра: 43902
Specifications 12 cm cooling fan Active PFC Temperature control card for low-noise performance Connectors: 4 pcs x SATA, 20+4 pin, 2 pcs x Molex, P4+4, 550 mm length wires CPU: (P8 = 2 pcs x 4P), 4 pin 12 V x 1 pc PCI-e: 6+2 x 1 pcsГаранција: 12 месеци..
Бренд: Deepcool Шифра: 599867944
Features:Compliant to Intel ATX 12V V2.31.Supports a wide range of input voltage (160-264V AC), allowing the system to provide stable performance despite an unstable circumstance.120 mm quiet PWM-capable fan.Single channel +12V output.CircuitShieldTM Over Voltage Protection(OVP), Under Voltage Prote..
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